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UPXP is a rule breaking project in the current business model of restaurants who pay too much commissions to third parties on their turnover. UPXP will provide free software solutions to restaurants to manage their business & eliminate the financial burden represented by subscriptions and commissions paid to intermediaries who bring them customers. In exchange, the point of sale will return one-third of the money they saved to their customers in UPXP cryptocurrency and keep two-thirds to increase their profits. UPXP will free the restaurants from third parties who take advantage of their dominant position.

Each time you order food or book a table via the UPXP application you earn crypto. The restaurant will credit your wallet with the UPXP token, 10% of the amount spent when ordering food or an x amount of UPXP token when booking a table.


You need an email address & a valid mobile number. Don’t use a virtual mobile service because it will be the only way to recover your wallet.

From the login

  1. click on the link “Forgot your password”
  2. Check your mailbox, also your spam folder, if the email is in spam, mark it as a non spam sender
  3. Open the email sent by UPXP, click on the buton or the link “Reset my password”
  4. A new window will ask you to set your new password


UPXP is offering 100.000.000 free UPXP tokens to be divided amongst everybody who creates their UPXP wallet account.

You need an email address & a valide mobile number. Don’t use a virtual mobile service becasue it’s will be the only way to rescue your wallet.

  • When you receive an affiliate link & you use the link to create your account; you will receive 40 UPXP tokens.
  • When you share your affiliate link & your link is used to create an account you’ll earn crypto. The amount depends the Airdrop event. Find all the current Airdrop Airdrop
  • Do you need an affiliate link to create your account; click here to see a list of affiliate links sorted by country & city.

Go to My Tasks in your wallet & find out what you need to do to earn more free UPXP token

Go to My Airdrop in your UPXP wallet. You can share your affiliate link by email, social network, QR code or by copy/past the link

Check the current Airdrop program here to discover the amount you can earn.

Go to My Community in your UPXP wallet


As a consumer or an investor, the unic occasion to buy UPXP token before the listing is during the private sales. We will launch 2 private sales. The launch date will be annouced on our social media.

The UPXP token is hosted on the Stellar blockchain. To buy UPXP token you have to send at least 2 lumens (XLM) to activate your XLM account. As soon as your XLM address is activated you will be able to swap to UPXP token by clicking on the button “Buy UPXP”

To activate your XLM account, send only XLM from a Stellar account, don’t send it from Binance, Coinbase or other centralized exchange, you will loose your XLM.

As soon as your wallet is activated, you will be able to send XLM from any wallet or centralized exchange to your XLM account.

Each transaction fee is 0,01 XLM, buy, swap, send or pay.

Everybody that has subscribed to the whitelist will be able to participate in the private sale 1 & 2. The private sale 3 is reserved for the restaurants only.

  • You must have a wallet on UPXP network
  • Fill in how much you are willing to invest at least 15 days before the private sale (My Token/Buy UPXP)
  • 15 days before the private sale, you have to deposit the intended amount you are willing to invest.

After private sale 3, UPXP token will be exchangable.

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