The goal

UPXP is a community project that will bring to the market a new business model between the restaurants and their customers.

Our team developped all the applications that a restaurant manager needs to perfome his business such as:

POS – Self order – Online booking – Digital menu – Delivery management- Website

All these tools and services are free, no subscription fee, no commission on  the turn over

The result? Restaurants will save a lot of money and can share a part it with the clients as a rewards program

This means, the consumers will get free crypto each time they enjoy their food!

The steps

  1. We offer 200.000.000 UPXP  as a give away to the consumers and the restaurants to build the ecosystem
  2.  We will do 3 private sales to give the opportunity to the community to invest from the start
  3. We will put all the professional tools available for the restaurants
  4. UPXP token will be listed on the decentralized Stellar exchange
  5. The fun will begin

The rules

  1. The Airdrop UPXP are centralized in our server untill the distribution of all the Airdrop UPXP will be completed.
  2. When all the Airdrops UPXP are distributed, the 200.000.000 UPXP will be sent from the Stellar UPXP Airdrop account to the UPXP wallet of each user.
  3. To get the UPXP tokens from the Airdrop campaign, the user must complete his profile on his UPXP wallet, to be verified.
  4. To be able to get the UPXP token, the user must to have a valid Stellar account.
  5. Each account that can not verified will be considered as a fake account and will be automatically closed without any token.
  6. The token reserved for the fake acocunt will be put back in the Airdrop campaign.
  7. After the distribution of the UPXP tokens in the UPXP wallet, all the UPXP tokens will be stacked during 6 months starting from the end of the third private sale.
  8. After the stacking period the users will be free to:
    1. Stack it again for a period to generate passive income
    2. Send it to their Stellar account or stellar exchange
    3. Exchange it from their  UPXP Wallet to another asset.
    4. Send it to be converted in Fiat

UPXP Crypto rewards will be launched at the Food Hotel Tech 2022 in Paris on June 7th & 8th.

Meet us to discover how the crypto world will revolutionize the current food delivery Business Model.
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