Your Mission

As an ambassador, your mission will be to get restaurants to sign up to our project & get them to use all our applications for free!

The ambassador’s mission is simple

  • Inform restaurants that the UPXP Project provides all the tools they need to manage their restaurant for free. 
  • To use all the tools for free we ask them to do the promotion of UPXP.
  • We offer 100.000.000 UPXP tokens to the restaurants worldwide to giveaway crypto to their customers to promote UPXP.

Who can be an Ambassador

  • An active UPXP user with a great passion for food and our project.
  • You are eager to grow our project in the mentioned cities on the apply form.
  • You are a source of knowledge for UPXP restaurants online, help answering questions when necessary.
    As UPXP is a global project, you need to have a good knowledge of the language of the city you target as an ambassador.


We will reward in our token UPXP, to motivate our ambassadors to be committed to the UPXP project, show our appreciation for representing our core values and spreading the word to contribute in the growth of the UPXP Project.
You will earn 20 UPXP, each time a customer at the restaurant you affiliated, creates an UPXP account.

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